Popham Beach

Anyone have any suggestions for a place to park overnight, legally and safely in the Popham Beach Maine area? It’ll be in the off season and I expect the place will probably be a ghost town. Thanks.

Hmm. Maybe at the fort?
I wonder if maybe you can park overnight at the Fort at Point Hunniwell?

If you know John Carmody, or if you’re considering taking a class with him (highly recommended) you could drop him a line and he would surely know where you could park overnight. www.seacliffkayakers.com

Call the town offices

there might be an overnight parking ban on streets now. I don’t know.

Not sure where you can legally overnight in a parking lot but should you decide to look at campgrounds, here are a few nearby ones that I have stayed at while going to Popham:



Neither of those
Freeport police will boot overnighters out of Wolfe Neck and Bradbury Mountain (almost next door to me) is under mud and snow. For good reason the campground does not open till May.

Cant give a better answer until I find the OP definition of off season.

Many towns have parking bans from Nov 15- April 15 for snow removal.

Thanks everyone
I was thinking next week sometime. I would stay at a campground but it looks like they won’t open for a few weeks. So at this point I’m thinking of spending a night on one of the islands near the fort but need a place to leave the car.

All I can think off hand is launch
at Morse Cove and you will find ample parking. I can’t guarantee your vehicles safety but have personally never heard of problems.

Just lost a fisherman there. No PFD and his boat was found going in circles, empty.

Morse Cove is quite a ways from the Fort though. Perkins is a nice camping island though.

Actually instead of Wolfe’s Neck, I was confused - try Recompence: http://www.freeportcamping.com/camping/rates-a-specials.html

They do off season.

Recompense is nice
now. A little pricey later!

Whites Beach in Brunswick is economical later in the season. They are still closed now. Its actully NOT on the ocean…

Also Meadowbrook in Phippsburg. Closed too till May 1.