Porcelain Coated Cast Iron

We have problems with food like eggs sticking to the surface of our new porcelain coated cast iron pan. We do oil it before use.

Any hints?

Try a cooking forum?

give it a bit
Keep the temperature a bit lower than with a non stick pan. Porcelain isn’t really a non stick surface. Also make sure the surface is very clean before use.

Ryan L.


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You might want to stop frying eggs on/in it.

You’re much better off with well seasoned plain cast iron. Porcelin will never season or get to be a good surface for eggs. Well seasoned cast iron is pretty much nonstick. I use a cast iron skillet for eggs all the time with no problem.

Might be a little heavy . . .
as an outer layer in a hull laminate. Sounds plenty durable though.

I bet
it would make a nice bath tub…

Sticking is more a function of cooking technique than kind of pan. The oil needs to be hot enough and the pan needs to be uniformly hot. It takes longer for cast iron to become uniformly hot. It is also better to have the food at room temperature. Cold food is more likely to stick. Use an oil with a high smoking point temperature. If you are using butter, clarify it first. Unclarified butter will begin to brown and burn at 250 degrees. Clarified butter can be heated to 400 degrees. Don’t skimp on the oil, especially if the food tends to absorb oil.

Fish eggs will stick to almost anything
and really should be consumed raw.

Thanks Dr.
We will try a hotter pan and more oil.

As seen on TV
Are you asking about Orgreenic?

Try this link


Ogreenic doesn’t seem durable.
I looked at about 6 of them in a Bed, Bath & Beyond a few weeks ago and the inner surface was scratched or chipped on every one or them and the outer surface was scratched on a few.

I was planning to buy one until I saw that.

Cast iron
I have seen this coating come loose a lot. Unfortunatly,I think you are better off with plane cast iron(the smooth inside kind) seasoned with beeswax and NEVER washed with soap.