porcupine mtns-u.p. mich

i have never been there before—i will be camping there for a week first of oct—i have a canoe and kayak—any thoughts or advice on paddling places–and hiking would be appreciated – what r some of the must see and do things in this region----thanks----phil

Nice places

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Nice places
After you explore the Porky’s, drive to the West via Boundary Rd and Presque Isle Rd for some nice day hiking from a park along the Presque Isle River among huge old growth hemlock trees. And from the Porky’s you are within striking distance of the Sylvania lakes near Watersmeet for some nice lake to lake canoeing.

If I remember correctly
Lake of the Clouds is there. Very beautiful. At least, it used to be.

is all I’ve done there. Last fall we did a loop from Lake of the Clouds North and then up Government Peak down to the Big Carp River and then back to LOC. We took three days and two nights, pretty easy going. The Prokies are beautiful. You MUST see the escarpment trail and Lake of the Clouds. Paddling I’m not sure about.

You could always paddle the Ontonagon River right next door- Put in near Victoria and paddle out to Lake Superior. I think that is supposed to be a three day-two night trip. Class 1 & 2 in 2 spots- mostly federal land- supposed to be great.

Here’s another vote for Presque Isle River too- I think that jumps up a few notches in paddling it though (class 3 and waterfall portages if I’m not mistaken).

Fall color
is spectacular…view of lake of the clouds from the overlook in the park in late Sept. when I was there years ago is still the most incredible example of fall color I have ever seen anywhere. Have a ball!!

Ditto on the Escarpement Trail
Gorgeous hike and a much better way to see Lake of the Clouds than driving up to the look out.

Also, the hike up along the waterfalls of the Presque Isle River is beautiful, but not for paddling.

I guess I wasn’t a paddler yet when I was last up there, so I can’t give any advice in that department.

Enjoy that beautiful place!