porcupine river, yukon

I am planning a trip this September. Don’t much care for organised groups, just ordered ally15 folding canoe. Ideally like another soloist or small group to join with. Open to offers or ideas

Are you taking along a grizzly gun?

grizzly gun
I didn’t know you could get a gun that fires grizzlies!

Seriously, no, I’d probably shoot myself.

Have you traveled in the area before?
What sort of experience do you have?

30years multi day trekking, Scotland, India, Mongolian Altai 5 week unsupported trekking, dinghy sailing, national championship level, offshore yacht racing and cruising, since 1977’ yachtmaster offshore qualified, advanced navigation in remote places, qualified first aid, keen on bushcraft, good butchery skills, I walk 20miles every weekend, can make a fine cuppa, and hold a good drink when pushed, (or not)

I suggest
that you post on the CCR forum (Canadian Canoe Routes). There is a very active group over there and many have a great deal of experience in the area you are considering. I will say that if it were me I would prefer padding tandem in that environment. As you probably know the environment can be very harsh with a lot of wind and tandem paddling makes that a lot easier to deal with. Just a thought. Of course, the weather can also be spectacular. One never knows.

windy is right

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I got curious, so I pulled out one of my books - it provides a good overview

form Paddling the Yukon River and its Tributaries by Dan Maclean

"The Flats are slow to stagnant: when the wind blows upriver -- and it frequently does -- you will have to camp during the day and paddle at night to make decent progress without wearing yourself out"

"But the canyons funnel wind, and the water here can turn rough -- you must pull over and wait out the weather when this happens"

apparently the wind and slow current combine to make this a month long trip from Eagle River bridge put-in to Ft Yukon from the book:

Eagle River to Old Crow 241 miles 12-15 days
Old Crow to Ft Yukon 276 miles 14-17 days

compare that to the 468 miles for the Yukon Whitehorse to Dawson in 10-14 days - from the same book

looks like a 20 mile day is long on the Porcupine, compared to Yukon where you can usually do 40 to 50 miles a day in 8 hours or less

More than a Technical Trip
You seem to have a good constitution, but your remark about “bear guns” makes me question your familiarity of the rules of that country. You definitely need some more experienced canoeists with a realistic idea of factors beyond the rigor and beauty of such a trip.

Bears and guns

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Many competent folks travel in that country without a firearm. Others carry. I think it is perfectly reasonable to leave firearms home if you are not experienced with firearms. On the other hand, whether you carry a firearm or not, there are dangers that are quite real and you would do well to learn the travel habits that reduce - but never eliminate - the dangers presented by the fact that there are grizzly bears in the area.

You have a lot of experience in certain environments and it will hold you in good stead. The area you are planning to go is very different from the areas you have traveled in the past and you will be canoeing, not trekking or sailing. The problem I think is that there are troubles that may present themselves to you that you have not anticipated because you don't have experience canoeing in that environment and I agree you would do well to get some experience canoeing in that environment with folks who have done it before so that you don't find yourself in over your head and perish.

you can carry a rifle or shotgun
no other firearm. Canada has strict laws. I take it you are outside Canada