Port Angeles, WA - Freshwater Bay

I’ll be in the PNW next week with one day reserved for kayaking.

Based on an earlier thread I’ve arranged to rent a boat from Olympic Raft and Kayak near Port Angeles.

The basic plan is to put in on Fresh Water bay near the mouth of the Elwha River and head west towards Tongue Point.

The predicted currents are a morning ebb and afternoon flood, which nicely support that plan.

Any suggestions for specific must see spots along the way, good landing areas for lunch and leg stretching or any other advice and suggestions are welcome.

The current reporting stations I’ve found are out in the center of the strait. What are the currents like closer to shore?

I’ve only paddled east…
… out of Freshwater Bay. Beautiful spot. Enjoy the water.



For some reason I had thought that there was a launch at the East end of Freshwater Bay near where the Elwha spills, but looking at Google Earth and maps I can’t find anything that looks like an accessible launch there.

I see that there is a Callam County park with launch at the West end of the bay.

Are there other launch site options?