Portable Chair

So what’s the best type of collapsible chair to take kayaking? Tired of getting to my camp site and having to find the appropriate rock or branch, or worse yet, sit on the ground. Those darn cheap collapsibles you can buy at Walmart that fit in a bag are way to heavy and cumbersome. Any suggestions? Thanks.

Anything you want in a canoe.

anything you want long as it fits in…
a kayak. canoes are pick-ups.

Sometimes I like my P/U. I have 2!

but when I gotta take the Honda , I mean sea yak we use Crazy Creekers. For a chair, back rest, bed, table (make lunch on it) etc. you can’t beat 'em, IMO. They fit pretty EZ in most boats or you could (gosh forbid) tie it on the deck. I’ve even seen folks put 'em under their feet.

BTW- when I guided in the San Juans I used to ‘issue’ everyone a CC. Clients loved 'em!

Good company too, IMO.


Ditto on Crazy Creek
this site is a Paddling.net sponsor, they carry several models:


Use this link:


Or try your local paddling or outdoor shop.

Crazy Creeks will serve your purpose. They are great chairs for lawn concerts. We have seven of them, some are 20 years old.


wood and canvas directors chairs
Crazy Creek chairs are better quality, but some drugstores and discounters sometimes sell what they call “directors chairs” that are similar but way cheaper. They’re usually wood and canvas and fold up, not small, but compact enough to fit in a canoe or lash on a kayak deck. They look exactly like the chairs you see movie director characters sitting in in the 1950s movies about movie-making. They’re also full size chairs, not short beach chairs like the CC’s.

I have a sling chair. I bought it for backpacking but found it a bit to heavy. Tried it kayaking camping and it works great. Takes a couple of minutes to put together. And because it’s metal if you’re beach camping, it has to be VERY well cleaned when you return home (beach sand can get into everything) If I’m just paddling for the day I carry those small three-legged folding chairs. No back to it though. I’m gonna look into those CC chairs you’all are talking about!

Take a look at the Kermit Chair
It is pricey, but very comfortable and packs up very small. I think they do advertise here on P.net sometimes. Here’s the website:


directors chairs
cheap ones at the drugstores make excellent kayak stands when you take the back off.

otherwise, crazy creek chairs have served me very well as chair, lounge, bed roll, prep surface, and even windbreak for small cook fires.

I have also used them as flooring in skin on frame kayaks when taking a lot of heavy gear you don’t want poking through the skin


Fat Elmo’s camp chair

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Ah' go stylin'....

Never know waan ah' might meet up wit Miss Crabtree an' git ta spoonin'.



canoes are not pickups when
you have to pick up the canoe often.

I sometimes forego the chair thing and other times take a Thermarest chair adaptor kit. It can be used with various backpacking air mattresses too.

If there isnt much portaging (ie river trip) I take a Crazy Creek lounger.

The Kermit chair is excellent and very comfortable but I dont see myself ever taking one in the bush.

Ahhh, the Quest for the Holy Grail!
* Comfortable & cushy

  • Compact
  • Ligh weight
  • At least 16" off of the ground

    I am still searching. As I age, become less flexy and more rotund, I searcj for teh perfect chair for lounging about the campfires of the BWCA, Appalacian rivers, Assateague, and anywhere I migh be overnighting via canoe or kayak.

    I have a comfy Cabela’s folding rocker (GEEZER!) for car-camping, but so far the Holy Grail has eluded me. CC’s are indeed comfy, light and compact, but do not fulfill the “off the ground” requirement. Kermits appear to be better, but are not light. Folding stools, such as sold by Piragis and identified as being “Clif’s favourite” are OK, and I have fiddled with one on occasion, but are not perfect (not cushy).

    I await Kevin at CVCA to develop the penultimate tripping chair. I will be happy to be on the list of testers!


camp seats
Ginger-this won’t help you now but may help others looking for a rec or fishing boat that will handle some modest waters. The best camp chair is also included when you buy a Native Marvel, Ultimate or Magic as it pops out and keeps you off he ground. And while in the boat paddling-it’s pretty darn comfy http://www.nativewatercraft.com/ click on the 1st Class Seating video

are you
buying a comfy camp chair or a boat?

Comfy camp chair and performance paddling station don’t go in the same sentence, IMO.

but I work for Confluence. :wink:


I get
one of the inexpensive childrens folding chairs at Target. I carry it in its bag bungeed on the back deck. The problem with the Crazy Creek types is you are usually sitting on the ground.

If you have room
to strap it to the deck or shove it inside, http://www.rei.com/product/783556 This is by far the most comfortable camp chair I have ever taken a nap in. Its great for birding, too. It sits you in a semi-reclining position making looking up easier. The built-in pillow looks hokey, but is quite nice.

You can hang it low enough to sit near the ground when cooking, or higher if you want to stretch out and take a nap. That’s all I bring - no chair - I have no room for a chair. The Byer Traveler hammock with hanging straps takes up very little room. You need trees, of course.

I use a stool with backrest …
called a Quick-E-Seat made by GCI. You can get it in two different heights and it fits in my Valley oval hatch.