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I can’t get info much on specific fishfinder, can anyone help me? I have AE inflatable kayak, and I’ve been trying to figure out which fishfinder is suitable for me. I’m looking fishfinder which can cover up to 120ft below with a display of fish sizes and the fish finder has to be portable since compartment is quite limited.

Found a few portable ones such as the “fishfinder”, tones of it from Ebay. apparently, it didn’t have the features I want such as fish sizes and limited depth (like 100ft) only.

Anyhow, as much as im quite addicted in kayak fishing, safety is my main concern, apparently most fish at my place got tones of crocodiles in it. So, with that in mind, I was hoping to find a decent fishfinder though not the best fishfinder, I can at least clarify the fishfinder can give me that is a fish not something else. LOL…

Just curious
What place where you would kayak has both tons of crocodiles in the water and 120’ depths? Are you in Africa?

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crocs in asia
im in asia… >.

I think
You need a bigger boat!

big boat
i dont have space to have big boat not even a 5ft boat. That’s one good reason why inflatable/foldable kayak is my main choice. Big boat = 4WD cars = +$$$ = -space = +more time. LOL… I hope you guys understand the equation… SYFY tv series really worked my mathematical brain up… >.

ok , that was classic …

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...... love the "I think you need a bigger boat" line .

Asian Crocs , um , don't they eat you ??

Does that thought ever cross your mind ??

call me nuts~~

Not for me though LOL, it’s too bulky for me to have for a person. But, prolly if I have seagle inflatable, that would be really awesome.

I’m sure asian crocs as eager as I am wanting to catch barramundi. I’m sure those crocs wont bark me like a puppy if they were around. And, seriously it did come across to my mind but hell~~ I’m so obsessed to go for fishing during that time. but mind you though, I have couple of friends where they did bump with 10ft crocs, which is twice longer than their boat. but the crocs seems to ignore them instead.

But, like usual~~ i rather be safe than sorry. it was last 3 weeks ago, where i fished at their “playground”, nonetheless I was really betting on my life LOL. And that’s the 1st and the last that I’m gonna accept any invitation…

Anyhow, I think humminbird piranhamax 230 seems the most suitable for me. I hope the display can show me the length of whatever it is below my kayak though. it would be awesome to be able to see whatever it is below us, plus I would really tiptoeing myself to the land if anything that is not a fish LOL…

info sharing for crocs and sharks

another info sharing

neat , I read all that croc and gator …
… wiki how thing . I like my idea better though , and that’s don’t be in or near water where crocs are in the 1st place … I’ll always have other places w/o crocs to go to .

im desperate
LOL neat… true… but those place where the crocs is got a place of big potential… i think I’m gonna contact some government for this matter.

portable Fishfinder
Check out this thread on the Advanced Elements forum. Pearly has mastered his fishing set-up including a portable fishfinder and transducer in is kayak.

This link is for a new discussion that he started but you can skim through his old thread that is also included. He discusses everything from pole holders, anchor trolley, etc. Hope this helps.