portable fishfinders

I was wondering if anyone has any experiences with either the Humminbird PiranhaMAX 20 portable (~120) or the Garmin Fishfinder 120 portable (~150). I was originally looking for the Humminbird Piranha 4 but it is discontinued. This is for my Penobscot 16 bass boat. Thanks.

I bought a Humminbird Piranha 4 portable last spring. I use it with my Penobscot 16 and it works great. Just checked the Humminbird website, and it doesn’t look like the Piranha 4 models are discontinued. Unless you heard it right from Humminbird, then I would contact them and see what they have to say.

Piranha FF
I have the Piranha 1 and have had no problems. Works great

Hummingbird introduced a new line this year and may have discontinued them. But there’s plenty of them out there and probably cheap.

Check Bass Pro for one.

Think I paid like $110.

thanks for the replies. I looked for the Piranha 4 and was told it was discontinued and/or couldnt find it anywhere, though there might be some left somewhere. I actually decided to go with a Piranha 1 I found for $100. I used it last weekend and it seemed to work fine- except that it has trouble determining the actual depth for a soft bottom - I am satisfied however-- heading out this weekend again hopefully to catch some more nice largemouth bass…

hey you’re in 'Bama…
I just read your porfile. Where are you? I’m in Winfield, about 1 hour west of B’ham.

Sounds like you are catching fish, care to share any secrets, like which baits, depths, etc? I usally put the rods away until the water temps get back into the upper 50’s low 60’s.

You fishing lakes or just private places?

Piranha 1 and 4
I have a Piranha 4 for a year and it’s worked great. I did go into one retailer looking for some extra cables a year ago. The guy behind the counter told me that particular retailer was getting rid of them because they were having a lot of the Piranha 1’s coming back, primarily when on fishing boat; they were not taking the pounding when the boats ran fast over rough water. They had not seen the 4’s coming back in. Maybe Humminbird had a problem and that’s why the line was changed. There may not be a problem with the 1’s if used on canoes/kayaks- a little less hard bouncing than a fishing boat at 20-40 mph.

alabama fishing
I have been fishing a private lake, actually an old quarry connected to some shallower areas. I went out last weekend prepared to jig or run deep crankbaits to find them- but all the fish were still right up on the bank. I threw about an 8 inch green worm all day and had pretty good success – caught one on the second cast good enough to warrant a picture- about 3 1/2 pounds or so. I was actually suprised to see it so active.