Portable flush camping toilets

Which brand is the best? Durable and clean.

No flush
Conserve water - no cleaning - no rinsing


Are trip outfitters using them?
I honestly did not know there was any demand for flush function, which would add weight and complicate maintenance.

Toilets, or groovers, used on most western rafting trips must be approved by agencies governing rivers. Such agencies will be less interested in flushing aesthetics than they are in equipment that avoids getting any human feces in rivers, and waste handling that does not end up with waste going into landfills. Those goals don’t point toward flushing.

What’s mandated for kayakers and canoeists on many western rivers is, pee in the river, and crap on something like large coffee filters that can be pushed into PVC tubes and tightly sealed.

I’ve thought about carrying a folding toilet with wagbags or similar for eastern canoe camping, because I don’t like to see campsites surrounded by catholes and scraps of toilet paper.

we have been using this toilet for the past few years on our eastern canoe camping trips, and it works great.


I canoe and kayak lots but the toilet I want would be for our larger boat.

I want one that flushes with water.