portable inflatable kayak

just field tested sevylors diveyak sit on top inflatable one man kayak with the ability to either hold alot of gear or dive tanks and associated gear. my hubby did the dive thing, I hauled the rest of the gear. We ABUSED them to no end and did no damage to them at all. they are intact and performed very well, the only addition that would have been nice would have been a rudder when we were in open water in the sounds of the keys near the saddlebunch keys in florida, trip was spectacular, we only used ziplock bags and gooseneck trashbags to keep gear dry, worked great, most could get wet anyway!. Highly recomend for the portability, I could deflate, pack, carry overland and re-inflate all alone, my hubby and I needed to make two trips, one for kayaks, one for gear but were thinking of a pack frame next time to tie gear onto for portage overland.

I have one
and I haven’t used it yet. Very busy summer with my bike-got sidetracked while learning how to ride my motorcycle and took a ww course while on vacation. Hope to get out and use her this summer with local divers that want to try kayaking…I do feel this yak should have a small motor when using it-I have been told by a local that most people here might not want to use their energy kayaking before diving…I could handle it because I am a paddler but I don’t think most people here are as active as me and they are just used to being motored to dive sites…

reply to I have one
I hear ya, my hubby is in very good shape with alot of upper body strength and had a short rest before diving, I stayed on the surface and was hauling the gear, we were using it to go to dive spots that you typically cant get to very easily by boat with motor down in the keys, very shallow dives under 30 feet. We did do a test of off shore diving out about 1 mile from shore, made it really affordable to dive if you took a quick break of a few min to have a breather he did fine, if you are NOT a paddler it would wind you a bit fighting surf and wind depending on the day. They do make a model that you can strap a small electric motor to, you may want to trade in and up if you have not used it, we just really wanted the portability and diversity of use. Do yourself a favor and get a long scooped paddle for easier paddling in the open water though, the paddle I took out on the sound was way toooo short and it was more effort than it needed to be