Portable kayak stand for 100 lb. tandem

Looking for a stand for my tandem 21-4" x 32" CD Libra XT something I can put it my truck so when I go somewhere I can clean it up before loading. Weighs near 100 lb. empty so with some gear even more. Thanks!

For stands, I have always made my own out of folding tables.

I buy a couple cheap folding tables from wherever you can them, remove the table so that you just have the scissor legs. Add a strap or two across the top bars and then fit some pipe insulation. Much cheaper than the ready made versions.

A couple of canvas directors chairs with the fold-up armrests removed will do the trick also, preferably from the thrift store.

And if you can’t find that item, …
… I believe outdoors stores still sell those old-fashioned camp stools with the pair of legs that fold like an “X” and the band of fabric across the top connecting the two sides (that is, same principle as the director’s chair, but smaller and very cheap).

Talic Seahorse
If you don’t wish to make your own, then get a pair of Talic Seahorse kayak stands. The shorter version is more stable, but the taller version allows you to work on the kayak without straining your back.

The Talic’s work well on level ground, but can collapse if used on an incline.

Greg Stamer

talic is rated at 100 lb. bit shy of what I would want with near 100 lb kayak empty.

Go to the big hardware store
and get yourself a pair of nice sturdy sawhorses :slight_smile:

They come in all sorts of different heights and styles.

Add a piece of cut to the size desired plywood on top, and it can double as a picnic table at the staging area.

Maybe won’t fold up as small or be as convenient as hanging strap types but the Libra is BIG , heavy and the last thing I’d want is it getting knocked over. Although a normal height directors chair with the back down would work.

2nd this
…and if you’re feeling especially enterprising there are online plans for wooden sawhorses.

I have two pairs of Stanley saw horses. work decent as I notched foam blacks for the top. They fold flat but a PITA to take in the back of my Excursion. I made a big 2x4 stand for it to sit in with 4" webbing. Heavy but meant to be so they take some wind as I live right on the water. They have large base so I can drag the Libra up on them myself getting one end up then sliding the other up. Maybe I can whip up something like Talic stands from heavier aluminum tubing. Probably get some Talics this week for my CD Solstice and Nomad/Extreme. Thanks for thoughts. More welcome

are like this http://yakfish.isaac-online.com/diy-folding-pvc-kayak-stand/ although I made 2 & shorter in length, rather than one long one as shown. Cheap, strong, easy to build, & fold. Works for me.

folding saw horse

Decide on something like the above. As long as they fold up to a long slim shape they are easy to store unlike a saw horse that just folds flat. Capacity is 1300 lb.