portage cart for touring kayak

I heard a rumor that using portage carts

(paddleboy) in Boundary Waters or Quetico

is not allowed.

Any truth to it?

True - In some Cases

– Last Updated: May-06-04 1:57 AM EST –

From "Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness Trip Planning Guide" USDA – Forest Service, 11/02 Page 5.

PORTAGE WHEELS "Mechanical assistance is only permitted over the following: International Boundary, Four-Mile Portage, Fall-Newton-Pipestone and Back Bay Portages into Basswood Lake, Prairie Portage, Vermilion Trout Lake Portage."

The date seems a bit old. However, this is a document sent to me last month (April 2004) by the USDA - FS.

Allowed only on a few mechanized portage
Not only are they not allowed, but the rocky nature of many of the portages would not be condusive to portage wheels. The BWCA is a wilderness, no mechanized systems allowed. The exceptions are for historic reasons, to provide access to and from motorized lakes at the edge of the wilderness.