Portage Lake Alaska

Been pretty warm so took advantage of open water. Had to put Paris ashore because of ice buildup on the deck. She went for a walk with June


I paddled Portage Lake on my last day of a two week trip to Alaska, my only trip there ever. Took lots of bow shots with the numerous ice bergs floating in the water. Finished up about seven hours before my midnight flight. Put my camera on the hood of the vehicle while I finished tying on the canoe.

Drove away.

Halfway back to Anchorage I realized I didn’t have my camera. Backtracked but never found it. Lost all the pictures of my entire trip.

But the memory is etched in my lizard brain. Nice photos!

Man, that sucks

Are you paddling a Pygmy in these photos?

Yes, picked it in 2019. Arctic Tern 14

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Great photos!

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