Portage Pads

What type of portage pads should I look at buying for my Grumman? I don’t like the factory pads. I have heard of people replacing the center thwart with an ash portage yoke and attaching pads to it. Is this advisable to do or not?

Thanks for your input.


Many options
Try poking around the internet. Look up Clif Jacobsons site for misc notes, or his books that mention portage yokes. Try 3-4 setups with home made materials to see what you like.

Some really like 2 dense foam pads mounted on wood blocks bolted to the thwart if in the right balance point. Others like paddles or 1" thick boards (5/4x4" planks may work well) going lengthwise, place your foam on them, and move boat forward or aft until balanced. Just 2 of many ways.

You should
also look up Chosen valley canoe at www.gear4portaging.com Nice people and helpful.

portage pads
Piragis Northwoods Company has a number of pad styles in their catalog— piragis.com


Portage Pads
Thanks I will check it out