Portage Pal Trailer - Experiences

I’m thinking about getting the Portage Pal trailer for 2 kayaks.

Would appreciate comments from those who have used it for over a year. It looks a little flimsy, have you found it to be durable, reliable, and highway capable?


What about?
Have you considered a flatbed utility trailer? I haul my kayaks on a 5’x 8’ trailer that I built removable bunks for. This trailer has a 3600 lb capacity with 15" wheels, so you don’t have to worry about burning out the bearings at highway speeds.

The great advantage of a utility flatbed is that the trailer can be used for hauling just about anything. Most flatbeds have stake pockets on the perimeter of the frame so that sideboards, bunks and other attachments can easily be added.

The price might be a little more than a single purpose lightweight kayak hauler, but you never know when you might want to haul something else. Also, you might be much more likely to find a very good used one at a bargain price.

PP Trailer
The advantage of the PP is that I need to keep the trailer in may back yard and move it by hand to the road. The PP is the lightest weight I’ve seen.

Malone 164lbs

not sure what the weight of the other trailer is but here is another.