Portage pal

Just saw the add for the Portage Pal canoe/kayak trailer on the side of the page and clicked on it as I was curious to check it out. I had built my own trailer and just wanted to see how they did theirs. I noticed in the info they list a “patented spring suspension” for a smooth ride with 8" tires. I looked at the parts drawings in the assembly instructions but never saw anything that looked like a spring suspension. Looked like a straight axle to me. Am I missing something here? To me the combination of 8" tires and solid mounted straight axle would be anything but a smooth ride for your boats. It took a little effort to get my trailer to have a soft ride, especially with just one boat on board. Still looking for the perfect tool box to mount on the back of the trailer to carry my tie downs in. I think I might have found it, just need to go check it out. Will post pics when it is all done.

Sam in Indiana


– Last Updated: Apr-05-13 7:39 AM EST –

It has springs in the hollow vertical support frame.

I've been looking for a trailer for the past year. Most are way over priced and/or over built to carry 2 canoes.

I'm about 90% ready to get a portage Pal.