Portage Question

I will be tripping solo this early June. I will enter at EP#14, Little Indian Souix, travel through the Pauness lakes, Shell Lake, Lynx, Ruby Hustler, Oyster, Agnes and finnaly down to Nina-Moose lake and exit, Moose river at EP#16.

That being said, are there any really rocky or steep portages I should be concerned about. Some are nearly a mile, but I am wondering if anyone has info on how rigorous the portages may be.


Portage info site
I did a trip in Quetico last fall and found this site particularely helpfull. It has some info on portages for BWCA as well.


Hope this helps

i have no experience with the portages you plan to cross. however, in general, i find portaging to be a very subjective experience. what one finds as a tough portage, another may find to be easy. too many variables to say with certainty how a portage may be for any one person. physical fitness, load weight, nutrition, hydration, mental attitude all play a part in the perception of difficulty on a particular portage for me. i’d take any report of difficulty with a grain of salt. look over a topo of the portages you plan to cross as this will give you an idea of the elevation/steepness you’ll encounter. good luck on your trip.


Not much help
I’ve been on the first half of your route from LIS to Hustler. No problems portages there.

From people I’ve talked to I seem to remember that the Hustler to Oyster portage is a bit rough - some hills. And then your last portage from the Moose River to the parking lot is a bit uphill.