Portage straps thru the scupper holes

I recently bought Ocean Kayak’s Frenzy. This is my first kayak and I was having trouble transporting it from my car to the water. It doesn’t have any handles. My solution was to tie some web straps thru the scupper holes and then attach an old shoulder strap to the two web straps.

This works well but I’m a little concerned because the manufacture discourages using the scupper holes to hang the kayak for storage. They claim it causes distortion. I’m hoping using the scupper holes for short distance carries will be OK.

I’m wondering if anyone else using the scupper holes for transporting has had a problem with distortion.

There are several products
available that are advertised as SOT carrying straps and do exactly what you describe. I have done a similar thing with the 20 ft painter that I carry. I have never had a problem with any leakage or deformation.

I made
a cart with two 1" copper plumbing “T’s” and a piece of 1" dowell, a piece of 1/2" all-thread, 4 nuts, 4 washers and a pair of lawnmower wheels.

Make an H with the dowells & “T’s” the same width as the scuppers (top of “H” goes through scuppers)use all-thread for axle for wheels at bottom of “H”