Portage Wheels

Any recommendation on portage wheels for a 14 foot kayak?

Mainly to be used getting kayak to and from water and around rapids (so small to medium rocks and possibly water.) No salt water involved.

I looked on Amazon and the only halfway decent looking one with decent reviews is the Seattle Sports ATC Cart.


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I've used this cart to move 10, 12 and 14' kayaks. Works pretty well but not the greatest in deep sand.

The wheels come off and the entire unit fits into a hatch.

Check out pikabike's review of this cart in the Review section. I trusted her advice and have been quite happy with the cart.

Definitely very portable and light. I’m still new to the forums, didn’t know there was reviews on carts. Tried running a search of the forums but no luck.

Thank you, learned something new!

I have a Wheeleze and like it
I used it with a 100 pound 23 foot long tandem.

I also like the fact that it has foam filled wheels. You never have to worry about a flat or the tires going low

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test them
You may want to bring your kayak to your local kayak shop and test to make sure the one you are looking at would fit in your hatches. It sounds like you would want to carry the wheels with you, but most 14 foot boats can be a little tight.

I have a cheapie Seattle Sports model (which I upgraded to Wheeleez tough tires when the pneumatic ones died), but the frame of it doesn’t fit in my 14 foot Alchemy.

I have a Wheeleez beach version (the huge tires) and even the tires won’t fit.

The only one that I have that fully fits in the hatches is a no-name brand that goes under the stern as a dolly. Nice that it is portable, but you have to carry more of the weight of the boat, as it only supports the stern.

Wheelez mini vs. full-size
Not only do the mini versions of both the fat and tuff tires feature smaller wheels, the frames themselves are smaller. You might find that the mini-fat cart’s frame fits in your hatch compartment.

My local shop only has one brand and I doubt I would like it. I meant to look today, I may when I go back. If the closest shop wasn’t 1.5 hours away I would go more often.

That is surprising it can’t fit in the large hatch on the Alchemy 14.

I was considering getting the mini version which they show a picture online of the wheels fitting in a very small completely circular hatch.

Looks like my choices would be between C-Tug or Wheelez. The mini-wheelez is about half the weight and would easily stow away (plus a bit cheaper) so I will go with that. Thanks everyone for the help.

JackL taught me. When he speaks, listen
I have owned 4 different types of carts. The Wheeleez or the Harmony, same type of cart. are the best in sand Wheeleez blows them all out of the water. Effort in sand is reduced by at least 50%. One 1/4 hump over beach sand will change your mind forever. When JackL speaks, listen.

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Kayak cart

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I have tried different brands and have found nothing that equals the C-Tug for my purposes (canoe portages over a variety of terrains). They have upgraded from pneumatic to solid wheels, and have added an option called the "Sidewinder," width extensions to the wheels that enable it to travel more easily over soft ground. The C-Tug breaks down easily for transport and assembles quickly. It also does not "run away" or turn when you're placing your boat on it, unlike many of the cheaper ones I have tried. Lastly, customer service is outstanding.