Portage yoke pad - supplier

Can anyone point me to a supplier of canoe portage yoke shoulder pads.

I am looking for the curved ones with a good amount of padding that can be mounted to a aluminum tube thwart with a one bolt connection,( or some sort of clamp for the same.)

Thanks in advance

jack L

Hope this is what you are wanting

Yoke Pad Suppliers
Here’s a couple of sources:




Mad River

Mad River BWCA Contoured Yoke Pads

Item Number: 75505



Jack l

Jack L

Just what I am looking for

Many thanks

Jack L

Good pads, but
will you have room for your neck if mounted to a straight thwart? I would think that a curved recess is needed unless you can cantilever the pads towards the bow a few inches.


Bolt Hole

If you are mounting the pads to a standard aluminum thwart in addition to the neck clearance problem that Jim brought up, there is the issue of the bolt hole weakening the thwart. Two 3/8" bolt holes in alignment thru a thwart would worry me; just a bit too tight on the nut and you are ready to squish the tube and have it fail.

If it was a big oval aluminum thwart in an MichiCraft aluminum canoe, no worries. But the Wenonah or Savage River thwarts, big question mark about making a couple holes.


You are both right
I just got a e-mail back from John Diller and he is advising using a yoke.

I didn’t want to use a heavy wooden one since I am trying to think “light”

Back to the drawing board !

Jack L

I had a 1974 Sawyer Cruiser
to which I added a Sawyer yoke. The yoke had the pads mounted to a U-shaped piece of aluminum extrusion, and was bolted onto the thwart with two 1/4" bolts as memory serves. I am sure the extrusion made up for the weakness caused by the drilling of the thwart.