portage yoke/pads

I got the sling style portage pads for the portage yoke. I’m finding that I dont like them, too much pressure at one point. Thinking about the pads that are fabric and foam over wood for my yoke. I know there are many opinions here, but what is most comfortable? I have them on a Mad River Explorer(Kevlar).

portage cups?
Both RedcrossRandy and my son have the plastic padded crescent style portage pads. I have a contoured Swift yolk on my canoe. My preference is the plastic crescent style. I have carried all three canoes a goodly distance on portage and like the crescents.

My sons clamp on to the standard yolk. which allows you the option to shift them in or out to get the setting just right.

Different Strokes For Different Folk…

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....and DIFFERENT BOATS! What's comfortable for me just might NOT be comfortable for you. And what feels good with a 45lb canoe may not with a 65lb boat. That said, IMHO I DID stumble accross the best pads for MY shoulders.

I had the sling style with the thinner padding and hated them. Had them on a Ranger Otter, and let them go with the boat. When I bought my Bell Northwind I bought a pair of Bourquin pads with the boat. I'd NEVER sell these with the boat. Theyre the best I've used, and I've used many. Have a "Lesser" set of pads in the barn right now that I'd give away. But these feel like a big 'ol goose down pillow to my shoulders. And the other thing I've noticed, is they "Stick" to my shoulders and don't slide like nylon-covered pads do.

Here's a link to them. Got mine at the Paddlin' Shop in Madison. I think the Boundary Waters Journal, Piragis, Rutabagas all sell them. Here you go. WW

Yep! Bouquin Boats pads are the best