Portage Yoke?

I want a new portage yoke for my Wenonah Escape. I’m currently using the stock yoke with the “sling style” pads. I found these very uncomfortable. They seem to focus the pressure instead of spreading it out. Has anyone tried the dished out or countoured wood yoke?

Yup, ah’ gots…
a Teal contoured yoke on me W/C Prospector an’ Pilgrim, ah’s never had a better yoke in me’life. Truely amazin’ how comfortable dat thing is.

Fat Elmo

I also have
a contoured wood yoke on my 72 pound Swift Dumoine. Very comfortable. They may sell them at a paddling store near you, I know my local one carries them.

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Yoke Pad?
Has anyone tried the contoured yoke pad that Algonquin Outfitters sells? Do you even need it with the Teal Yoke?

Shazam, Daggermat
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Fat Elmo

No need fer de pad wit
me wit de Teal Yoke. More than comfootable on it’s own.


A new yoke
I, too, have a Teal on a Jensen 18. Works great and I was sure it couldn’t be topped. However, the yokes that come from Turtle Paddle Works (much like those on the Nova Craft canoes) are just like Teals but have a little notch routed out for the little “bumped out” bone that is at the top of one’s spinal column (all you chiropractors out there help me w/this!) It really works great. Here’s a link from Rutabaga:


More links?
Anyone else have some more links for the contoured style yoke or the one with the notch?

Great piece of Ash
contoured swift yolk on my Jensen. have it padded up and it is much better then what I had on my Sundowner( just a thwart.) the most comfortable for me is a nice ash yolk with shoulder cups . I carried RedCrossRandys Minn 2 all over the 90 miler and I love them. I also have them on my sons MCA Explorer.



Algonquin Outfitters pad
I have the “Swifty”(yes, that’s what Swift calls it) deep dish on my Kipawa and a Teal deep dish on my Echo. I’ve tried the pad from AO a couple of times and found it made no difference- now it lives in the garage somewhere

not a chiropractor . . .
I believe it is called C7 prominens.

I have several sculpted yokes, and I like them fine. For a long heavy carry, the slings I used were better for me. For a sculpted yoke to be better, it must fit perfectly, and this is rare. Slings are more forgiving.

Further, padding a sculpted yoke is still a fine idea, because at least part of it will sit on the bony end of the shoulder (acromion process, if I recall correctly).