Portaging fishing rods


Other than strapping your rods to the cross bars in the canoe what other ways have you used to portage your fishing rods. Has anyone ideas about rod holders attached to the inside of canoes?

Papa Squirrel

For a cheap rod tube thats lightweight you could use 2.5" PVC. Its

Yep just get a length of pvc. It should be a few inches longer than the longest rod you want to put in it so you can pad the ends with foam. Carry reels in a seperate bag. Attach a handle and carry it in one hand while you carry the canoe. Or rig up some ties and tie it to the gunwhales. You could also bungie the tube to the gunwhales. That is how I would do it for a long trip but if you are portaging while fishing the best way would probably be to bungie the rods right to the gunwhales. Or get some velcro tabs to wrap the rods and tie or bumgie that to the canoe.

Rod cases
I use fly rods and have zipper cases with pvc inserts inside. Most fly shops and Walmart have them for less than $20, I built most of my rods for under a $100 each, but replace value is about twice that, not counting the reels and fly line. I bungie the cases when the rods are not in use, so if I take a bath they are still in the boat. My kayak cart breaks down and fits behind my OT 13.8s seat, so its no big deal.