Possible crack in (new) paddle

Hi… first post and all, but just picked up a new paddle today and admittedly didn’t really look at it until I got back home, where when I took it apart I noticed what I’m worried could be a crack in the shaft.

I’ve taken some (poor) photos in an attempt to show it, but not sure how well they do represent it. It almost looks like it has a layer less of fibreglass rather than a crack. I’ve grabbed a torch and had a look inside and put a small paintbrush inside and can’t seem to feel any crack, but seeing as I’m due to go out tomorrow, I don’t exactly want to use it if there’s a risk it could be weakened and therefore break! When i run my finger down it there it doesn’t ‘feel’ like a crack, in that it’s just slightly raised, or, the fear… the ‘lower’ part has been crushed at some point.

Hope the above makes sense, unfortunately this is my first foray into kayaking, so I have no basis for comparison, so any help would be more than appreciated!







Looks like a crack to me,but it
shouldn’t break. How far are you paddling ? I would paddle close to the put-in for awhile and if there isn’t a problem, keep going. I would take it back for a replacement as soon as possible.

I’d return it…
It might be fine but you will always worry about it.

Generally paddle for around 2hours, from quiet rivers to a bit of surf. Thanks for the advice, shall perhaps see if I can get a demo paddle for tomorrow whilst I get hold of a replacement. Lik I suggested, not 100% it’s a crack, but guess its whether its worth the risk…

Looks to be fractured clean through …
… because even in the pics . I see what looks like two different surface levels at each side of the fracture . One side is raised more than the other at the fracture .

I would stress it on the floor and watch to see if it opens or gives you more insight .

Hollow carbon fiber weave ?? Looks like it has fractured right the weaves grain .

THAT is a crack !!!

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And it WILL break. Way too close center.

Do not use where you cannot get back without a paddle.

Edit, Only other thing i would guess without seeing it is a weird scribe / scratch line from storage / shipping .... but honestly looks like above crack .... This will break.