Possible Kids' kayak

I was browsing adds at the local kayaking club and came across local manufacturer of PE kayaks: http://www.emc-epi.com/touring.html

I am not endorsing the manufacturer, but the fact that someone is making a really “smaller” kayak possibly suitable for kids pleasantly surprised me.

Here is another.

Dancer XS
When my daughter was younger, I found a $50 old Perception Dancer XS to be a perfect boat. Lots of them out there and almost all of them are very inexpensive.

How big was your daughter?

first kayak age
I think she must have been about 5 or 6. I initially bought her a Gyramax C-1 because we mostly canoe. But while she could make it go straight across the pool with some concentration, she was too young to do so in a river. That’s when I switched to the Dancer XS, which she paddled until she was about 9 or 10 when I got an old Perception Sparc (?) for about the same price.

Sounds like just what I am looking for! Thanx!

Dagger Blast
is another boat worth watching for in the used boat listings.They haven’t been sold here for a few years, but they appear to still be popular across the pond:


EMC Has Been Around For Awhile…
I really like the episea for kids and small adults. New boat is only around $600. I’m still waiting for a used one to show and pick up. They are usually around $300-$350.

The white water boat for kid is pretty cool too. More slalom like and fast looking. Makes me want to take out in waves. The seating, however, is much tighter than for the episea.


Perception makes a kids kayak
I have a Perception Umiak which is about 14ft long but very narrow. I think it is rated for 120lbs…see the reviews on this site. My son who is 14 started in it at about 10yrs old, and my 9 yr old daughter is using it now.

Current Designs
has a new boat called the Raven. 12’x20"x26 lbs for up to a 110 lb paddler. About $1200 in composite. It is under specialized boats on their website.

Cobra made a boat called the Wave based on the Wave Witch but without the rudder. I managed to get a couple for my grandsons. Sadly they discontinued them. They were meant for surfing but it is one of the best kids SOTs I have seen.

wow! sweet looking boat
thanks, suiram!