Possible new fire restriction coming!

This is the email I just got from Tracy Richards at the Forest Service.


Hi, Between Aug. 9 and Aug. 12, we have had 7 fires, of which 3 were human caused. The Canadians have been having fires as well and current conditions have allowed for smoke from these fires to be visible from quite

a distance away. Please emphasize fire safety to your visitors as

conditions are at extreme. This is also a heads up that further fire restrictions are likely to be imposed in the next few days. Please prepare folks accordingly. We will get the word out as soon as we get official direction as to the extent of the restriction. An official news release will come out and entry point bulletin boards will be posted with the current information at that time as well. If questions, please call 218-365-7619.

Is this for the whole country
or just one section

section only
Presumably for Boundary Waters or similar, given where the original poster is located.

We already have fire restrictions out west… One wilderness area I was going to back pack in to (Ventana Wilderness) has complete restrictions - no fires at all (not even camp stoves). Most of the ones in he Sierras allow stoves, but limit charcoal and campfires.