Possible to fix a small dent in 'glass?

A thule 835 Hull a Port put a frickin small dent in my fiberglass Impex Mystic, I noticed today. There is no padding on the blocks and apparently this is what caused it. The dent is not enough to see but I can feel it with my finger a little. It’s not big but I have to get some pillows and tie them onto both carriers… I’m quite mad now, I wonder what Thule will say if I contact them. Any suggestions? I don’t think it’s going to make a difference really but I know it’s there and now I’m pissed.


Probably A Small Chip

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off the old gelcoat. You'll get many more with paddling as time goes on. But that first is the hardest...

Wait til you really see tons of dinks, gouges and scratches, then it may be worthwhile to do some gelcoat repairs.

Guy I met in Maine has a Norkapp that is so patched up, it's unbelievable... expecially since the gelcoats patches don't match. But he loves that boat as he paddled the whole length of the west coast with that baby and bought it back home. It fits him well as the boat has seen a lot of good miles. The boat looks exceptionally good right after he hand rolls it. Better than the pretty Anas Acuta and Romany sitting in his yard. Why? Because he loves that boat.

That boat and paddler are to be respected for time on the water.


is the glass cracked or merely a depression? If its a depression live with it,now you can now paddle freely without the fear of it being cherry. now the fun should begin .evrything gets dinged up.the paddler with duct tape patches and a tooth missing always seems to be having the most fun.

Impex lay ups tended to be
quite flexible. I love their boats, but they are not as rigid as some. Paddle, don’t sweat it! It’s all about function not prettiness. dont tie the boat down too tight. I could break an impex with bow and stern lines.

BTW I am quite likely fo order an impex susquehanna with an expedition kevlar lay up if they come out with a day hatch.

Just paddle!

I’d like a better description of the
dent, and of the layup of the boat. I have owned a wide variety of “glass” boats over 30 years of paddling, and I have never seen one “dent” unless there was some delamination in the layup. Even then, a pure glass layup will not “dent,” although if there is a high proportion of other cloths in the layup (Kevlar, Nylon, polyester), then some semi-permanent stretching of the cloth is possible.

It is a dent…
There is no cracking, no chips. Initially I saw black scuff marks but that was just in the gelcoat and came off with some rubbing. But I can easily feel it with my finger being a little impression shaped of a corner on the hull a port. You cannot see it now that the black scuff marks have come out, but it is an indentation, a dent. Kind of like if you pushed something pointy into the palm of your hand hard enough that when you remove it, you can still see the outline in it.