Possible to install a rudder on a Malibu 2XL from Ocean Kayak?

I checked with the manufacturer and the dealer I bought it from and they said there was nothing from the manufacturer or aftermarket. I was wondering if I could somehow find the components to attach one. It does not need to flip up/down, even if it was permanently in position would be fine with me. I just want to find a way to make it track straighter. Any ideas would be appreciated! - Rod

It can be tough to put a rudder on a sit on top because you have to drill holes in the shell to mount the thing. With a sit inside kayak you can seal the penetrations with rubber bushings from the inside but with a sit on top you are perforating a sealed hull with no access to the inside to seal it. You also have the issue of trying to add controls which would be really complicated with your boat which I believe is a pedal kayak. Rudders typically have foot pedals to control them and I don’t know how you would jam that into the already complicated foot arrangement.

If you are having tracking problems. I would suggest experimenting with adding weight in the bow or stern – won’t cost you anything. Plastic half gallon milk jugs you can fill with water for ballast are the easiest way, or use those floppy water bags they sell for camping so that they lay down in the gear wells. If your tandem is wandering, it is often the case that it is weighted too heavily in the front and too lightly in the rear. If the stern is not sunk low enough in the water it may fishtail as you paddle. Try ballast in the stern first and see if that helps straighten it out. If the stern is weighted too much compared to the bow, wind and waves may make the bow wander, so you have to experiment to get the balance point right.