Possible to remove a Pat Moore thwart?

Is it possible to remove a Pat Moore “no fastener” thwart without hurting it?

What about lifting or opening one of the attached molded fiberglass rails that hold the pedestal in?

My friend has a Reverie 1 and would like to try paddling the boat without the pedestal. Is this gonna be crazy?

I have a master craftsman, master boatbuilder friend who can look at it. Has likely never seen such installations. But he could understand what might be done.

I’m wondering if anyone else has attempted the same?

Strictly my opinion:

I have not, and would not try it; especially if the boat was not owned by me. Sounds like a good way to lose a friend, if you end up cracking or breaking a very old, and possibly brittle piece of molded fiberglass.
Pretty sure replacement parts are non existent; so anything you break you would have to rebuild, or pay to have rebuilt.

Sure would like to hear what master craftsman/boat builder has to say.
Even if your friend said, “give it a go”, I’d still ask the pro before I tried.


either way the master would do the work. and it’ll be up to him. i’m just wondering if it’s been tried before…

there are 2 options: glass rail or wood thwart. we’ll see!

Thwart removal was easy. Unscrewed from below and thwart came away. Pedestal could be slid out. Testing proved interesting. And ongoing. Thanks, all!