Possibly the Yukon

Our group is thinking about a Yukon River trip next June. One of the guys said he didn’t think he could enter Canada because back in collage (almost 30 years ago) he was stupid and got a DWI, clean record since.

Is that the law of the land up north? Is there a time limit on this? Or should we stay south of the border?


I would just make a call to
the CBSA and ask them. I pasted their link for you also.


Probably ok
I’d guess that a thirty year old ticket isn’t in the computer databases, so it probably would never show up if they did look. There is a way to buy your way in, even if you have a current DWI that is in the computer - forget what its called, but you fill out some form, pay them a $150 or so, and your sins are forgiven.

How close to the Canadian border does your friend live - might be worth a trial run to see if he can cross ok, before committing to a Yukon trip.

Alternative might be for him to fly into a nearby airport (Whitehorse?) and pick him up there. I have never heard of any issues over DWI connected to airtravel (except for drunken pilots, of course)

Probably will be excluded

There is a petition process and it does take time.

Plan now for action to avoid disappointment.

I have heard of people in their eighties being excluded because of a DUI in the 1950’s.

I would apply for a pardon through the government. I believe you must be 7 years free of a crime. It cost over a $100. ( I guess that’s really a Canadian Parden) You’d be surprised what is still in computers. You cross one time ok then the next your stopped.


They also check up on your library fines you have had in the US. YOU will be required to do 5-minutes of community service for every library fine acquired over the last 20 years.

Its a bummer.


I guess we’ve got plenty

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to look forward to once we've completed our transition to a civilized, socialist state. I won't even bother to ask if you're planning on taking a firearm for bear protection.


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No problem crossing the border. All they are interested in is a valid passport.

If you don't have your passports yet then now would be a good time to get them while you have plenty of time before your trip.

Passports have been required since the law went into effect a couple of years ago.