Post Election Antidote

With open ocean storm throwing swells into the northeast, I took a vacation day to take advantage of an opportunity to clear the mind and body with doses of adrenaline and endorphins.

Found shoulder to head high waves, beautifully cleaned up by a gentle offshore breeze. Only four or five of sharing the break. While cloudy, the water and air temps were in the mild 50s. Still surfing in a 3/2, without need for hood or gloves. Plentiful, relaxed rides.

Energy rippling through water and air. The world continues to turn regardless.



wanna buy
5000 acres of BLM tax free with a public bond issue ?

Stop taking advantage of people’s sufferings;+)

Hey, Just Keep On Paddling…
while we can. Especially you. It’s gonna get pretty dark and cold soon up your way.

Let me know if you ever get back for a visit.


157 paddling days so far this year
Local lakes frozen over but nearby Whittier, Seward and Homer are open year round. Still get 6 hrs of light at solstice.

Cottenwood Canyon ?
If you’re not interested in a dry land silver mine, we have several parcels on the John Day for $1 an acre.

6 Hours of Light…
I don’t think I can take that… I get up before sunrise just so I can maximize every ray of light before the sun goes back down again.

Trying to make it through the downhill slide to the solstice…


is your door
facing west or east ? Is there a preferred orientation ?

I’m Atlantic sunrise over Gulf sunset. Sunrise has more visceral pop to it…

HI winds are from the west ? Atl is from the sunrise.

More ions/cm …

Making the most of it
We ride at night on the trails and drive to the hills or put ins in the dark.

Hang in there, sing.
We’re one day closer to spring.

Need some water therapy here …
Plenty of waves on west coast … but have not been able to get out for a week.

The opposite here.
Had the gear, the time, and the desire - but gale warnings on Lake Michigan today. The waves were too scary.