Post videos of others on YouTube you like

Awesome video.

Good channel.

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There are so many great channels to follow on YouTube, and I’m sure others will be linking videos from them. River Kings is one of my favorites. Others I enjoy are Paddle TV, Kayak Hipster, Senders, Dane Jackson, Online Sea Kayaking, and a bunch more. I also follow USGS, Geologyhub, and Nick Zentner from Central Washington University.

River Kings.


The music is very fitting for the rolling.

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My luck if I went under stone arch like them it would collapse after being there a million years. :flushed:

Rocks are amazing to me. Stats at end are cool.

You’ve posted two of my favorite kayak content creators on youtube!

Here’s also an interesting watch by Beau Miles which is him and a group setting up and partaking an expedition across Bass Strait Forming a sea kayak expedition | Ep 1 - Bass by Kayak - YouTube

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Saw that one too.

Matt Posa is more of a canoe tripper usually with at least one of his dogs but I enjoyed watch him salmon and trout fishing from a kayak at Isle Royale on Lake Superior. He’s pretty young here so there’s plenty to critique but I liked it for the fishing by kayak and the scenery of Isle Royale NP. It’s on my list of places to paddle.

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Some tight spots! Taken around by boat. Then off launched.

I enjoy those and a double thumbs up for Nick Zentner. I’ve been hooked since before Covid. Amazing how confusing PNW geology can be.

Acorn to Arabella is worthwhile but you have a lot to watch to catch up. The initial tree harvest goes back six years. They are caulking the deck now and have a launch date next spring.

Tim has a small channel and is a friend of mine. This year he is slowly putting out videos of last year’s trip along the Michigan Lake Superior shore.


I enjoy Canoe the North, they’re all about canoe tripping primarily in Ontario. I really like the touring they do in Georgian Bay and Lake Huron.


An oldie but goodie - I think Tommy C1 put this up ages ago and I still enjoy it. (Thank you) Best canoe “ad” ever. Really nice paddling.


Insane vid!!!

Haven’t seen TommyC1 in a million years. Neither here or in person. Hope he is well.


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Crazy skills there. Love seeing OC1 in stuff that is way above my pay grade - even when I was fairly good (low intermediate at best).


I wouldn’t go in that far.

Excellent production!

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:astonished: action video


Thanks for posting that video. I had never seen it and it was very enjoyable!

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They have guts and good skills. Magnificent couple. Really tough water conditions and exciting. Long journey great drive. Hope NDK gave them new hulls.

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