Potomac catalyst 100

I am looking at two Potomac catalyst 100 kayaks on Craigslist.

I can’t find any info really about them online. Why is that?

Are these a decent kayaks for two people who have enjoyed kayaking for over 20 years primarily with rental kayaks.

We plan to do just day trips primarily on calm lakes, the Allegheny River in PA and some local streams.

We would need room for a preschooler in front of one of us for a while until he’s ready for his own.

You can’t find info because
They were made for Dick’s and Dick’s doesn’t sell them anymore. I do see that among people who have never owned any other boat and bought one of them less than 48 hrs ago they give them 5 out of 5 stars.

They are low end cheap rec kayaks. What do you want to know? They will float and will go as straight as you can make them go. They won’t be as good as a $1500 kayak, but you can probably have a lot of fun with them.

I’ve had two yr olds in the lap in similar boats. I don’t think you would want to carry a passenger bigger than that. If the grandkids are bigger than that consider a canoe or one of those huge cockpit tandem/solo kayakzillas. If you want to do some serious paddling with the better half consider 14 ft crossover kayaks. If you want to take a lunch and float downstream in water you could probably wade in then buy them and enjoy.

Potomic kayaks
Thanks for the reply and info. We decided to take the plunge and buy them. They look brand new! We are so excited! We are looking for a basic intro to owning our own kayaks, and this seems to fit the bill. Just paddling down the river at camp, or on the local lakes during camping trips for a couple of hours. As long as it floats I can make it go in a straight line. LOL

My wife and I paddled two Potomacs when we first started out. They are fine as long as you remember their limitations.

I would suggest consider getting better paddles than what likely came with the boats. My wife would be completely wiped out after some of our longer paddles and would get sore wrists. I would have occasional slight ache in the elbow the next day. We got some Aquabound Stingrays for around $125 each and it made a world of difference. I was a little sceptical of the smaller blade as I am macho enough to slice the cheaper paddle through the water all day long but was surprised to find I was just as fast, if not faster, with a smaller lighter paddle and all our joint issues went away and my wife enjoyed the sport much more.