Potomac Paddle and Camp

I’m planning on taking my Boy Scout Troop canoeing/camping on the Potomac in a couple of weeks. I haven’t paddled this stretch before, so I’d appreciate any advice from folks who know the area. I’ll be paddling it next week with a buddy to make sure it looks ok.

We’re planning on putting in at Brunswick and floating down to Point of Rocks and camping there for the night (either at Bald Eagle Island camping area or another island on the river, depending on my assessment next week), then paddling down to Noland’s Ferry in the morning to take out.

My questions are:

  1. Is that section suitable for novice to intermediate paddlers?
  2. Is the water level this time of year suitable (not too high or too low)? (I’m keeping an eye on the guage and it it looks like it’s around 1.7)
  3. Any tips for those put in/take out sites or camping areas?
  4. About how long does this section take to paddle? (I’m estimating around 9 miles total - not sure how fast the water is)

    Thank you!

trip info on here

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There was a p.net post on floating that section posted here previously that has some information that might be useful:


This report says that leg is 7 miles:


I have read that the gauge range for "skilled boaters" is between 0.75' and 3'. So it is low now but not un-doable. You might want to call the outfitters down there and check with them on conditions and suggestions.

Thanks a bunch! I missed it when searching before. Those links are helpful.