Potomac River Spring Gap to Hancock

I just wanted to post a brief trip report for the Upper Potomac River. I took some 4 other co-workers with me on a 60 mile, 3 day trip on the upper Potomac and had a blast.

We went on 4/29/10 and was a little concerned the week prior with the water levels, as we had a bunch of rain. The river levels were back to normal, at about 5 feet at Paw Paw, which made for a very nice trip.

I highly recommend this section of water to anyone that wants a scenic, quiet stretch of water; mostly flat with only minor rapids.

If you check my previous posts, you can see my trip report from the previous year. Pretty much the same trip, so no need to post twice!

interested in that stretch

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how was the scenery (and tires) this time? what campsites did you use?

Long time
Sorry it has been a while since I have been on here. We camped at paw paw and little Orleans. Saw a bunch of wild life and very few tires this time. The trip is always a good time and I always want to extend it a few more days. Think I might do it again in the fall.