Potomac River - Wednesday the 29th

Whose in?

It’s not a certainty for me, but I’m thinking of taking the day off from work and I could use a shuttle buddy. The fall is my favorite time to fish the Potomac. It has been a singularly unpredictable spring and summer where the fish have been difficult to pattern. Here’s hoping the fall does not follow that trend.

I’m thinking the upper. Possibly 340 bridge on the Shenandoah down to Brunswick, a short run from Landers to Nolands, or if I’m feeling adventurous and decide to trust my prop in this low water, maybe put in at White’s Ferry to run upriver and float back down.

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Too short of notice, and mid week…
Dang, would love to be joining you bro… When is it best in the spring/early summer… Thinking of making a run up that way for camping/kayak fishing.


Fall’s better.
Right now is really premium - usually. I have to be careful because it’s been so long since I’ve been out THIS year that I don’t know how the river is currently fishing. But USUALLY Fall is a good time.

Otherwise, be thinking June. April is unpredictable and the spawn is often on. May is the post-spawn funk. June the fishing can be pretty sweet. The Potomac and Shenandoah are big rivers and fish can be caught any month of the year. But generally speaking, June and late September/early October are my favorite times. In June, they’re hungry as they emerge from the post-spawn funk and head into their summer hunting habitats. In the Fall, they’re gorging to put on weight before winter hits.

If you time it right, the white miller hatch is usually in late July or August and the fishing then is unbelievable. I’ve seen folks take over 20 good smallmouth in an hour during a white miller hatch.

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the potomac around paw paw, bonds etal the second/third week in sept. water was mostly low with the exception of a few deeper holes. there were plenty of mid size to smaller fish to be had. pilot caught an envious sized small mouth. the main thing is getting out there.

Trip canceled.
Meetings at work that can’t be rescheduled, plus a blood draw at the doctor’s. What a great way to celebrate my birthday. I think maybe I’ll get all goofy on Friday instead.

Anybody up for an Oktobercast?

be fishing the bay for stripers on october. at least pilot will. i get sea sick out there.

I love that.
October is the time for it. If he needs another guy on the boat to split cost, send me an e-m.