Potomac River Whitewater Kayaking Videos

I frequently hike along the Potomac River and have taken several videos of people whitewater kayaking. Some of them are up on my youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/LehmannDrew

Note that I’m not a kayaker. I just enjoy hiking, photography, video editing, etc.
I’m not responsible for how well or how safely anyone boats on the Potomac River. And I ask the kayakers if they are ok with me posting videos of them on youtube (they often request this without me even having to ask). This isn’t a business for me, just something fun to do in my free time.

Thanks for sharing! Excellent, very high quality vids. Potomac has always been on my whitewater bucket list–Although I haven’t really been keen to kick the bucket while running the falls there.

Keep up with the good work, and please post what you’ve shot new here again.:+1:

Thanks very much, I’ll let you know when I have some new videos up

I finally finished editing all my clips from the weekend!
Here is a short compilation of clips:

Some of the kayakers I know have shared the videos in their own kayaking forums. Y’all are welcome to do that too if you’d like. It’s not a business for me, just a fun thing to do while I’m out enjoying the river.

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enjoyed it! thanks for sharing

More clips of whitewater kayaking on the Potomac River at Little Falls

Water level was down low, so rapids were tame this weekend. But weather was nice so lots of people out.