Power Mister

Take a look at this. You fill the handle with water and some ice cubes, turn on the fan with a button in the back and pump water into the fan with the trigger and…Mist. Runs on two AAs.

They are on clearance at Walmart for $3. They are not cheaply made, they are made with heavy plastic. Who wants one?

Yeah, 'cuz paddlers can’t find water to splash their face with unless it comes in a piece of chinese crap. Perhaps if my canoe had a freezer for ice cubes…


Or you had a brain.

You make that response up by yourself?

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It was easy directed at you.

Perhaps a refresher is in order:

"Paddlers’ Place

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Thank you for the reminder!


Hey Buddy, are you new here? Your attitude will get you banned pretty quick, and rightly so.

This device is dumb. You’re on the water. Why would I need to carry more? This is plastic junk that will more than likely end up in the water.

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Misters are popular in hot climates since they work. I doubt the OP intended it for paddling use as few paddlers carry ice. If I lived out west where there have been record heat waves I might get one (or a few) but right now in Michigan I think it might turn me into a snowman.

For your information, since this is so “dumb,” this came about from a discussion where the water had extremely high Fecal Coliform Content and could not be used to cool off. Your comment not withstanding.

This came about from a discussion about water with an extremely high Fecal Coliform content that could not be used to cool off. As I stated below to “MClmes.” It was somewhat of a joke.

(Sigh) If only it ran on solar power.
Hey! Maybe I can mount this pvc tower,
on the prow of my canoe, affix two large panels,
like those Coast Guard buoys blinkin’ red-green to channels.

But then a flash of lightning to those photo plates,
might melt my Royalex into SUP’n else fate,
forcing me to stand in that lightning storm,
where I get bolted-off (Some say these flashbacks are my norm).

And then where will I stand when I’m sinking hard to port,
still experiencing hot flashes (the ladies say I’m quite the sport),
I guess I might give you props (and use your prop to speed away),
but my batteries are all exhausted. Besides I now need Triple-A!

“Civilization is the limitless multiplication of unnecessary necessities.” -Mark Twain

Because the world needs more plastic.

Not to sound sarcastic, but when you post here, your topic is fair game for detractors. What works for one paddler doesn’t necessarily work for another. Looks like a dandy fun item for kids to use on a sweltering hot day. Personally, i’ve used a hat, helmet, metal canteen and personal water bottle to dump over my head. But I’ve never been a delicate fine mist type of guy. And, I don’t believe in carrying anything but basic essentials when tripping. Never had a fecal matter problem, but tend to avoid such waters.

But your experience/opinion may vary.

It was a quasi joke, but it does work. Quite well actually.

Got it.

Kewl. Is it water proof, ie. submersible? How are it’s propulsion dynamics? can it move the kayak through the water if the paddler becomes incapacitated with IBS symptoms?

:face_vomiting: :poop:

In all seriousness I quit paddling in the Mississippi River years ago in the city, if it looks fecal and it smells fecal, it’s fecal. I had symptoms from rolling in that toilet.

Oct 19 2019 was the last time I paddled, so I chose this thread to either hijack or murder. I miss camping trips more than outright paddling.

All in good fun.

paddling dot net

I always wanted to paddle down the Mississippi. Bad idea?

You see the ill effects you had from just paddling in this water and there were people on this forum telling me take a hat full or a jar full and dump it over my head to cool off…Right.

I want to take this opportunity, in the form of a response to a post by daggermat, to clear something up. When daggermat made this post, I thought he was part of a discussion about dumping Fecal Coliform contaminated water over your head in order too cool off in a previous thread. I thought he was mocking me because I did not want to pour Fecal Coliform contaminated water over my head to cool off or for any other reason. So I exploded and made a couple of derisive comments toward him and was ready for some more. I checked, and daggermat was nowhere near that discussion. His post was in total isolation with the silly Power Mister and was joking around and poking fun at it and was totally independent of the other discussion. So for that, I apologize for making the two personal comments to him that I did…mjac

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The mister is too small. Batteries fail after short time. Water goes out. There are bigger models. Might get a laugh or two at a paddle. Hard to hold.

Fecal matter. Difficult to miss that in many city waterways. Just don’t drink and shower after paddle. I remember winning the Mike Fink Gully Whopper Raft race three years in a row amongst “floaters” in the White River south of Indianapolis in the 60s. Things were worse then.

Kudos to you, mjac, for letting @daggermat know about the misunderstanding.

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