Power of waves

Amazing, the ocean always rules no matter what!

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Excellent video recommendation.

Even 3 foot breaking ocean waves are to be respected. (And remember a 3 foot breaking wave is a 6" to 18" open water wave depending on interval)

The force graph near the end shows why the majority of boat damage in the ocean happens when coming thru surf. There is a ton of energy released in a fraction of a second. (Often literally)

Agreed, good video. Quantum physics can explain something? Science is fascinating. One thing I didn’t know is that the frequency of the waves in an area determine what boat length/type is best there, thus built there. The waves of lake superior are fascinating in their power, but the waves in lake michigan are worse.

I was out fishing in lake michigan many years ago in a big charter boat. It was rough as we were going out, but figured the further away from shore we get the more the waves will settle down. That gave me an experience I’ll never forget. I’d be on the back of the boat, waiting for a hit on the rods that we had out. I’ll always remember the lines of the poles going straight back into a wave. That’s all we saw is this big wall of water behind us. T
Then we’d go up onto the crest of the wave and that’s all I could see, nothing but whitecaps for as far as I could see. Then back down into the trough, looking directly at the wall of water the lines went into.