power rocker seat

In the thread: ww canoe advice, canoedancing mentioned using a power rocker seat as a good choice for a solo canoe. I’ve looked on the Confluence web-site and found it, it appears it is a pair of hinged blocks under the gunnels, connected to a normal wooden/webbed seat, that allows forward-down canting when paddling kneeling, and flat when paddling seated.

I paddle a pre-Confluence Guide, mostly kneeling, but like to sit for a break. I’ve canted my seat about 1 1/2" low in front, which is good for kneeling but not as good for sitting. I haven’t installed toe blocks forward of the seat, which I may do.

Does that power rocker seat really work for both kneeling/sitting in a solo?

Is it stable?

(No, I will not offer to buy one using a cashier’s check!)

A previous thread
from last year may be of interest.


I am still going to try to fabricate a similar item for test purposes. When I get roundtuit.