Power Rocker

This was the subject of a thread some time ago, but darned if I can find it.

I know SOMEONE out there has a Power ROcker installed in a MR Guide/FS because you sent me pictures. Thanks again. I was unable to locate one at a retailer, and I cannot seem to find teh Voyageur website, so I fabricated one of them last weekend. Easy to do so with pictures and info from the US Patent.

My question: Are you Power ROcker users pleased with the system? Just curious. I plan on installing mine this Saturday and performing a dry-land test befor a river trip the following weekend.


a Power Rocker?

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gotta be the worst ever marketing term
… at least as canoeing goes.

Near as I can tell, it’s got nothing to do with “Power” and nothing to do with “Rocker”

this is going nowhere fast.


Hey, I’m helpin!
You want pnet gravity to take over?

Let me tell you about Power Rocker
I like this concept so much I tracked down the manufacturer and found the owner of the patent. Voyageur Gear used and sell the through Mad River dealers. Then they had a parting of ways with the manufacturer, who has since retired. I talked to a couple people at Mad River and they said it was only a so-so seller so they never pursued it. When I sold my Guide I kept the Power Rocker to install in my Swift Raven. I also hired a woodworking shop to make a half dozen prototypes for my paddle buds to try out to get some feedback on them.I’ll be interested in what your results are, Jim. Any pictures to share?

Here’s the link
to my Mad River Guide with the Power Rocker installed


what do you
use it for? I’m always in a saddle, kneeling thwart or standing. I CAN bend at the waist, and do sometimes, especially trying to un-sync myself in wavetrains.

Is it to help
when transitioning from kneeling to sitting? I have real trouble with that in my MR Indie, skinned my toe knuckles more than once. Also, it seems like you might lose some hull rigidity going from a four point mount to, effectively, two. And really, can any of us afford additional loss of rigidity?

Tilt seat?
I agree Power Rocker is a hugely lousy name, does tilt seat work better? any other suggestions?

Canoe seats mounted on hangers or trusses don’t contribute as much to hull rigidity as a thwart does.

This tilt seat is useful for long runs on pool and drop rivers where kneeling all day long on a saddle is tiresome, and kneeling with your butt against the front of the seat is tiresome. With the tilt seat your butt stays firmly planted in the seat where it is comfortable and well supported. You can go from sitting to kneeling by just tucking your feet and leaning forward. To sit back level just untuck your feet and sit up.

This seat replaces the kneeling thwart and comes very close to providing control of a saddle in normal whitewater below Class III.

that’s a better name
At least I wouldn’t be tempted to call “The Scooter Store” to try and order one.

"Lazy Old Fart Butt Adjustment Device" is what I plan to call my version to avoid copyright infringement.

Thanks Canoedancing, your pics are what I used to fabricate my version. Since I used red oak, I was unwilling to make the sculpted cut-outs on the seat hanger. It remains to be seen if the square edges get in the way. I plan on installing the units this Saturday, and will post pics shortly thereafter.

And I will be testing it on a 2-3 day trip on the following weekend. I am so sure that it will be success that I plan on packing the stock drop arches just in case.

Good point about seats and rigidity. As the length of the lever arms (drops) increases, the propensity to sway increases. That’s one reason why solo boats normally have two thwarts mounted.


Looks like a neat idea.
I’ll be interested in the follow up on how well they work.

“Minnesota FAATS”
(Fat Ass Against the Seat)

Gremmie’s idea looks good, too
A poster with screen name Gremmie came up with what might be the absolute best idea yet. Using an appartus similar to a Wenonah sliding footbrace you could have a sliding seat and a tilt apparatus built into the same bar. Take a look here and use your imagination http://tinyurl.com/yutrrd

BTW, the URL is shorthand for You Tried, eh?

I talked to the manufacturer of the foot braces and he says the idea has merit and is working on some ideas.

And, if you have a Wenonah canoe with the adjustable aluminum seat drops it will be a piece of cake to convert it to a tilt seat hanger. Go here http://tinyurl.com/yv2ac7

and scroll down to “center seat”. The manufacturer says it’s doable.

Thanks Brian.
Luv U 2.


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