power surge versus reg. ZRE

I’ve never used a power surge but hope to get a new race paddle in a few months. Anyone used the power surge? And what’s teh real difference between a power surge and the standard ZRE paddles? I’ve used ZRE paddles for about six years now. Just wondering if a power surge is for me. Also, do you use a different length for a power surge versus a ZRE standard? thanks.

ZRE Power Serge
The standard ZRE blade has a flat face, the PowerSerge has a slight curl at the end, like the wooden Gillespie Paddles have had for 20 years. It makes for a quieter and smoother entry into the water. Gives a very solid catch. After 20 minutes with the PowerSerge blade the standard blade seems noisey.

The Gillespie blade spoiled me long ago and it was hard to get used to the noisier ZRE when i switched to carbon fiber. Once they introduced the PowerSerge, i changed all my racing paddles to this blade.

It is available in all three racing weights and in an outrigger version if you need a bigger blade than the racing blade. There is no need to adjust your paddle length, it’s all in the blade profile.


power surge vs reguar ZRE
I have a power surge and a zre black rec and don’t find that much difference between them. The power surge is a bit lighter and I believe that the rec is a bit stronger. They are both a joy to use. I feel that they are both superior paddles - light, strong, and quick handling. I believe that when using either of these paddles (as long as they are the same width) your physical condition will play a larger role than the choice between the two.

for replying. trying to do some research prior to the christmas season. :wink:

Between the
Between the Black Rec, the regular ZRE light model and a power surge Outrigger paddle, the PS Outrigger is by far my favorite and what I use myself all the time. The others are for guest paddlers now.

I agree that it is more quiet than the other two paddles, but I find it has a much more solid catch. The wider blade may have more to do with it than anything, but it is deffinately a more powerfull paddle in my experience.

so, some people like them, some don’t think they’re all that.

i used a wooden gillespie double-bend in my C1 and liked the standard zav much better. don’t know if that gives me any indication of how a power surge would act, though.