Power washing FG Kayak

I’ve got a ring around the hull of my kayak from pollen, tried multiple things but still have a faint ring. I have a power washer and am considering using it to clean the hull. Any thoughts?

goo gone or any citrus based cleaner
you can avoid the hassle next time by waxing with a marine wax like Meguires.

Won’t make you go faster but the cleanup is easier.

Mr. Clean Magic Eraser
Have you tried using one? Does a great job removing crud from my boat.

ME extra
Taking the Magic Eraser a step further I found on a clear coat repair that using it as the scrubber with rubbing compound eliminates the wetsand steps of 800+ grit to get the surface shinny glossy.

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Denatured alcohol or some acetone??
Power washer be a’might too powerful an’ cood bust up some o’ de gelcoat.


Power washers are too risky on surfaces you want to preserve. Anything that can blast the paint off of wood and metal can damage gelcoat. Experiment with some of the mild abrasives and solvents that have been recommended. Pollen may be ugly, but it won’t damage the boat.

I’ll try the magic eraser
Have used it before, just don’t have any at the house at the moment. Paddled recently on a lake that had tons of pollen in the water.

DISCOLORED…POLLEN exuded substance changing gelcoat color. That is, changing color or ring ID is removing gelcoat not adherring pollen particles.

The magic eraser is bleach/chlorine ? would bleach but also damage gelcoat.

Best leaving it to its own course.

or ‘rubbing it out’, as Marshall suggests

rubbing it out is a euphemism for removing material.

we can’t see it from here !

No bleach
Magic eraser does not have bleach. It’s a glorified sponge

Google is your friend.
There is no bleach/chlorine in Mr. Clean Magic Erasers.

The eraser is excellent at removing pollen, scum, dirt, and even the occasional black scuff mark my cradles leave on my hull. Also paint marks when I wack an end of my boat into the door jamb when moving it into my porch.

My yellow gelcoat is well-faded, which is useful to write on the deck directly with a pencil. I keep track of time, location, and bearings this way. To erase the pencil I use a no-name “Magic Eraser”, which works great but I do get YELLOW residue when I’m done, which tells me that there is a mild abrasive action going on here.

I don’t really care, but YOU might.

wet sand
you can try 1500 or 2000 grit

Fiberglass stain remover