PPG paint over gel coat?

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I am one who can never pass up a good deal but am wondering if this is one to pass up. A new carbon kevlar Qcc 500 had damage in front of the cockpit so it was professionally repaired. But the owner who also happens to have a body shop decided to paint not just the repair but the whole kayak with a high quality PPG paint. The kayak is listed on Duluth Mn craigslist for $1000. What are your thoughts? Deal or no deal?

If it was 2pack paint
It’s a good deal. Ask the seller?

that sounds too good to be true

I talked to the seller…
and his body shop is right across the street from the old Qcc shop in Exeland Wisconsin. He also told me it was an old employee of Qcc who did the repair but they didn’t have the right gel coat tint for the repair so it was visible. That is why he painted the whole kayak. He explained that the paint is what body shops use on car bumpers as it is tough and flexible. I’m really tempted but don’t want to buy something that later on the paint is peeling off or the kayak was painted to hide more flaws.

ever been to duluth?

I’d jump on it, as long as the paint isn’t hiding any structural flaws. It’s a QCC, who cares what it looks like?

I have to admit I really, really…
like Qcc’s. So even though my wife says I do not need 8 kayaks, I see a road trip in my future!

tell her it’s not an 8th kayak, it’s an
…incredible bargain!

im not worried about the paint
I’m just trying to figure our why he would sell a boat for a grand that could be sold for 50-100% more. I’ve got a 500 in fiberglass I would sell to you for that.

Ryan L.

I’ve told her unlike the vacations…
she drags me on :slight_smile: I can always recoup my money by selling off some of my kayaks.

The paint used is probably…
a two-part acrylic urethane with the addition of a flex additive. This is a very durable (and repairable) finish. I use this kind of clear coat system for my cedarstrip boats in lieu of varnish.