Practice boat

Ok…This isn’t a ‘help me find my first boat or upgrade boat’.

I take great pride in my artic tern…lot of time and love went into the build and the spilling shamrocks (with a clear varnish overcoat)on the deck really set the boat off.

Simply put,I don’t want to inflict scratches and scrapes on the deck practicing much needed reentrys and S&Rs.

I’m 230# 6’

What I’m thinking on (and right now the $$ ain"t there to do more than think on)is a used (and so long as there arn’t deep gouges or cracks etc. I don’t care about the condition)poly touring boat.

I love the prijon kodiaks but they seem few and far between (used). Anyone have any other suggestions (given my ‘size’ lol)

Thanks in advance.

Sorry all
I missed the size in the original post, so edited then decided to delete my suggestion of an Avocet. It was not apt. In a haze here from a cold/flu thing.

Unfortunately, it also killed two corrections to my idea. I didn’t mean to knock others out.

As to ideas - Valley makes most all of their boats in RM, and P&H has a variety of sizes of Capellas in RM. Which of these boats?

A RM Tempest 170
At the same weight (though 5’10" I fit perfectly into the Tempest RM 170. It handled beautifully, and you can take it anywere.


Try a current designs Storm. they seem pretty common used and should fit just fine. inexpensive boat to begin with.

I had a Squall, lots of nice things to say about the Solstice series for their taking care of a paddler. But they have rudders and high decks, both of which can unduly complicate self-rescues and other recoveries. For the kind of work involved, a skegged boat may be eaiser.

the storm will be very much like your tern…straight tracking.

If that’s what ya want? or maneuverabiliy and sporty for the ‘other’ one?


Practice With What You Use
I doubt you would do much to your deck except some minor scratches. Can always be refinished if it really bothers you. If this is the boat you paddle most with, this is the boat you need to know how to self rescue with.


I was going to suggust a Perception
America but I see from your profile that you already have one. With the huge cockpit it would be ideal. I understand rec boats can’t really be rolled, but it would be fine to practice re-entry.

I like my America very much, also.

so you are actually suggesting that someone doesn’t NEED another boat???

one boat is enough???


I was thinking more along the lines of multiple vessels for different paddling experiences…

save the Tern for trippin’ and have a play, practice boat.

Isn’t THAT the ideal 2 boat scenario?


steve (who looks for ANY excuse to own more vessels)

2nd, 3rd, 4th boats Are Great…
if there are different venues intended for each. But to get another boat because one doesn’t want to scratch the primary in rescue practice… Doesn’t seem like a good reason, especially if the primary boat is the one that the person will be out with and may need to self rescue in.

I love my boats and love to beat the heck out of 'em too. :slight_smile:


build a second boat . .
To the original poster:

Why don’t you just slap together a butt-ugly Arctic Tern and beat the shite out of it? Surely if you can build something worthy of the way you feel about your current boat then you can build a utilitarian version that will handle the same way and take a ton of abuse. This way you’ll be training in the same hull and still be able to keep your pretty boat pretty for a while longer.

Personally I can’t understand the sentiment of wanting to keep a boat looking like it is never used but then I take pride in stupid things like actually using my gear. Boats are consumable items, sometimes the best way to learn how to paddle is to stop thinking about keeping boats pretty and instead try to wear them out.

Two Boat scenerio
Much as Sing is on the mark with practice with what you paddle, I’d rather get a better handle on the basics (and not in a pool)with the pfd etc. and once I have the technique down I can apply it to the Tern (less cosmetic damage…what can I say…I’m a guy who goes out on 50-70 mile club rides with his '91 Paramount and spends 2 hours doing a complete teardown of the drive train as well as a wash/was after…

Plus…even tho I installed a copper skid plate fore and aft on the tern it’d be nice to have a boat for those days when concrete ramps are the ONLY way to launch.

I thought about building one - - - -
Then I figured I should buy a used boat and beat the bejezzez out of it first. If I was still into it, then I’d build one. I’d also know what I really wanted too

Not what you wanted to hear - - just what my thinking was when I went hunting for that ‘beater boat’ - which turned out to be an old Aquaterra sea lion in poly