Practice makes perfect

Hey all, I took the kayak camping with me this past weekend to Red Top Mountain State Park; home of the beautiful Lake Allatoona in Northern GA. I had a wonderful time, but there was much work to be done. Aside from setting up camp and gathering my firewood, I wanted to spend an extended amount of time working on my kayaking skills. I found a nice little cove by my campsite was the perfect setting for my training. I am still unable to re-enter the kayak after it has filled with water, it just wants to roll upside down. However, I could easily paddle it like a surfboard back to shore if the situation called for a self rescue. I also tried something many people probably don’t think about; I jumped out of my kayak, just jumped out of it. The boat didn’t flip or fill with water, just floated off a few feet away, I really didn’t know if that type of maneuver was possible or even practical, but I thought it would be fun to try. I was also able to re-enter the kayak in open water with no assistance, using the cowboy style of re-entry. Just simply worked my way up the back of the boat until I reached the cockpit, and then placed both feet in the boat simultaneously. I had a great time learning what I can and can’t do in my yak, and understand that there are many things I need to work on.



Practice is fun huh?
What kind of boat?

Starter kayak
Old Town Rush

Looks like a fun boat.

Cowboy Style
I am practicing rollover techniques of actually making it back into the cockpit, I cannot believe I have not thought of the cowboy manuver! Next time I go out I am gonna give it a go. I am so glad I read your e-mail. I will let you know how it goes. THANKS!