Prana at the Gulf (lots of pics)

Took my new-to-me CD Prana down to Port O’Connor this week for some (inside) gulf fun - most of it was on Espiritu Santo Bay, with a bit on Matagorda Bay. Did two trips - the first with my better half and the second solo.
First, the boat. I love it! So easy to move. On day 2 I did almost 9 miles in 4 hours of leisurely paddling, which included a snack break and some exploring. The seat is also a lot more comfortable than in my old Sirocco. The weather was perfect, with light winds and very smooth water.
Second, the location - this was my first real chance in the gulf (apart from one short, weather interrupted jaunt in Galveston). There are so many birds, so many fish. Highlights included a Roseate Spoonbill (I got a photo but it’s small and blurry) and being visited by a friendly puffer fish while we took a break.
There are also a lot of boats, but they stick to the channels so you can get away from them for much of the trip, once you get out into the bay. A lot of the water here is only a few inches deep (and still in the mid 80’sF) - it’s weird to see people standing in the water fishing half a mile offshore - so there are huge areas where only paddlers can pass. I’ll definitely be back, both here and other areas of the gulf - it’s a 3 hour drive from Austin.
Some pictures below…

Prana and Pelicans

Snack break - stay away from those oyster beds!!

Day 2 - heading out from the Texas Parks and Wildlife paddling trail put-in.

Osprey pointing the way

Wide open spaces of Matagorda Bay, heading toward the Port O’Connor jetty

Beach landing - Kingfisher beach in POC. Spot the Hermit Crab.


Great pictures, beautiful boat.


Nice thanks for sharing!

I have to try one one day.

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Nice boat! I just picked up mine (former owner in the pic) a week ago. Love it!


Oh wow, that’s awesome. I love those colors! I see you have the optional extra compass also!
I’d love to hear your impressions Wormdevil, once you have some time with her. Also, what did you paddle previously? For me it was a Sirocco.

Some things I noticed…
Even though it’s “only” 8 lbs lighter, I give thanks for every one of those lbs when I pick her up!
She’s faster, easier to paddle, but I was surprised by how much more responsive to turn (with skeg retracted)
I love the little front day hatch, but it’s caused a rethink of “what do I put where” - this is still a work in progress. I used to use a deck bag.
Spray skirt - definitely needs the “up and out” technique to pull off. Noticeably harder that on the Sirocco. Cockpit is a little tighter too. Have not practiced wet exits in her yet, but should before too long.
Mine was from before they changed the hatch cover attachment, so I’m not sure if they are 100% watertight. There are posts on here about that.
I also contacted CD about the thigh pads that folks on here have talked about, but they don’t have any available.

Keep us posted about your adventures with her!

My “before” boat was a lovely blue Eddyline Equinox which today has a new owner @SC_PaddlingGirl (Congratulations!)

I can get the Prana to 360 in 5 well placed sweeps. I can also do fantastic sliding 90+ degree turns with her. She has also gone head to head drag racing with a P&H Cetus LV and easily held her own. Skirt (Seals) arrives tomorrow. Mine was built last year and has the new hatch configurations. I’m going to do a search for that thread on the pads.
First scheduled “real” trip will be on the Apalachicola next month. 107 miles. 5 days. self-supported and prmative. VERY excited!


Picture of her first trip out (short). Buddy with his Cetus MV.


Yes and she is beautiful!! Thank you thank you, so happy :partying_face:. Enjoy your new Prana she is beautiful too :smiley:


Very nice! Thanks for the update. Have fun on that trip, sounds like a blast! And “post some pics, or it didn’t happen” :grinning:

What mickp said: post some pics or it didn’t happen! You guys do know there’s a “Show off your boat” thread that needs to be kept alive forever, don’t you?

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I will post pic tomorrow hopefully :grin:


Your hull color is snazzier than mine.

I like that too though - understated, classy. James Bond’s kayak :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Agreed, very sophisticated.

Pictures please!
You have no idea how excited i am for you. She will push you a bit compared to what you are used to but, you will be rewarded.
*Remember: Nose over belly-button always. The thigh / knee pads are not there for comfort. They help initiate a turn.
Others here are WAY more knowledgeable than I but, I do have time in that boat and my learning curve is very recent. Reach out if you want to chat.

Diversity is a beautiful thing.
Looks like we have the same taste in paddles too - Ikelos?

Count on it.