Pre-Curfew Dawn Patrol

Boston announced that it will be adopting a curfew from 9 PM to 6 AM today, to help emphasize and get across the necessity for physical distancing.

I got in a dawn patrol, which is probably the last for next few months…


Already tough to get near a break, as the state Dept of Conservation and Recreation has already shut down parking in most of the state reservations and beaches last week. I was lucky to find a side street parking space.


Not surprisingly, there was only one surfer out there…


Plenty of unridden waves…


Of course, eventually as the morning went on, various (true resident) locals started to show up. By the time I was done, there were about a dozen surfers out in the break. Still plenty of waves and space for everyone. Pretty fun and chill session.




so sad. You of course probably contributed by bringing all your pals… just kidding.
Curfew makes little sense to me. JMO. My daughter is working in NYC and has a 12 hour job running EMS logistics. She went to a bare TImes Square. She said she just had to get a walk in.

irony. Now we can go anywhere?
And surface glitz and show… No one is in there.

Strange to see the glittering lights of Time Square, without any people gawking, selling, congregating, taking pics…

Are the lights really glittering if no one is there to see it?


ooh the metaphysical… My question is Why are the lights on and no one home? Or everyone home
Cmon CWDH there is a poem in there!

Curious…What is the penalty for violation of the curfew?

Hopefully, not this…

The curfew is on an honor system, as a way to enforce physical distancing, targeting groups of folks that continue to ramble around. I suspect that enforcement with be left to the discretion of the individual police officer… For better and worse, depending on how one is “profiled.”


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I still check the surfcams from Scripps Institute every morning, even though I am not headed out …
A couple of days ago there were beautiful playful A-frames breaking at my favorite spot …

I’m getting the no-surf tremors …
Meanwhile, I have tons of people walking now through my neighborhood who never would be out before . It’s getting hard to go for a walk without encountering two or three dozen people even in a heavy rainstorm, where I could walk before for a mile and half and only see two or three joggers.

Thank heaven for music …

The problem is,
when Times you Square,
there’s no energy,
when the mass ain’t there,

thus sum remain in light,
as you feel the Byrne,
or Einstein stops making sense,
relative to social distant turn

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