pre-mature e-fishulation

Attending a wedding in Miama Fl next April 9. I know its a little early, but hey, I live in IA. Should I find a turkey outfitter that won’t make me sell a kidney (any suggestions?) or what would you recommend for a tourists fishing experience? Would be very interested in trading “trips”. I have an extra scupper pro and would guide to the hotspots in southeast IA for channel cat / largemouth / white bass / bluegill (turkey???), depending on time of spring/summer.


Might check with the guys…
over at

I think “Dirty Dave” does a little guiding. You may find another yak-guide or three over there.


southeast Iowa
Where in Iowa? I grew up in Ft. Madison. My canoeing and fishing came later since I got to Wisconsin.

Re miami fishing
If I were going to Miami fishing I would make sure that the trip included fishing the canals around the airport for some great Peacock Bass.

If you have the time and want some faboulous flats fishing from a yak check out:

Florida yakfishing
Check out - go to the Florida forum and post there. A buddy of mine (Iconn4) lives down that way and fishes Miami all the time. He’s a very friendly, knowledgeable fella and a heck of a good yak-fisherman (even though he’s not a flyfisherman!). He’s the most diehard yak-fisherman that I know of - just check out some of his posts.

Also check out - go to the No Motor Zone forum.

If you don’t mind driving a little further north from Miami (Jupiter) and you want to hook some snook under the docklights feel free to give me a yell. It’s an absolute riot - best time yak-fishin’ ever!

Good luck.