Pre-Move advice

Well, its time to load up the car and make the 2000 mile drive to Denver from CT. Yikes.

However, once I get settled in I was thinking, that as long as the property I will be living on borders a river, that maybe I will pickup a little boat to play in.

Want to find one under 7’ long (fit in suv) and yet fit me (6’1" & 190) and use for general play in the river.

Any suggestions? After looking through Whitewater Boat manufacturers websites, it sure makes finding a sea kayak look simple.

…and BrazilBrazil - ya shoulda followed the advice on the other post and “ask for forgiveness”/


Quick thoughts…only
for boats under that are downriver/playboats 7.0…Dagger Juice with heavy on the play, Bliss Stick - Flip Stick… Sorry, quick thoughts only… there must be more…Jackson Fun.???

Have You Thought About…

Wait til you gat there. Find a group of
paddlers or two. See what and where they paddle. Bet you will be happier that way.



probably so Scott
probably so…

…sorry…couldn’t resist!!!
I know you will be paddling your own SOF soon which I agree might be your best route. Happy paddling.

I will be picking up a Freedom Ryder handcycle as soon as I hit Denver to “paddle” on streets and byways. Talk about getting into shape fast!!

Plenty Of Boats Will Fit You…

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but with the first I would go with something in the play/river running series (since I know you have a roll already, otherwise the all out stability of a river runner). I think the Riot Boooster series is one the more well thought out in that category. The chines are pretty forgiving for someone new to white water. Nice adaptable outfitting, from moveable seats to thigh braces to front bulkhead. If you want more play, it's the Booster 55. If you want more river running, it's the Booster 60.

Going shorter than 7' will put you into the play/spud boat category. Not sure that's good for a first ww boat.

Good luck on the move. (I can't imagine living away from the ocean...)


land shark
looks like Scott is looking at becoming more of a land shark…